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Polar Dragons is a Swedish-based mobile games publisher turning your games into worldwide hits.

We work with one of the best marketing agencies with a data driven approach to market your games and turn them into global hits.

Get the most out of your game, we help you improve your retention and monetization.

Thanks to our partners and our first class User-Aquisition we can help you reach the right audience at a lower cost.




Wisp: Eira’s Tale

Shoot Zombie

Rrossy River

What we offer
What we offer

What we offer

Thanks to our partners and our first class User-aquisition campaigns we help you reach the right audience at a lower cost. We can also offer advice on game and monetization design and much more.

 Get the most out of your game

  • Game design
  • Onboarding optimization
  • Monetization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Analytics

Reach the right audience

  • ASO
  • Ad Creation
  • Ad targeting
  • User Aquisition spend
  • Long term growth strategy


What we offer
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Get Published

Get Published
What we offer


The team behind Polar Dragons consists of employees and advisors with several years of experience from the gaming industry.


Alexander Benitez


Alexander Benitez has a background from gaming publishing giant Electronic Arts where he held several different positions. He has an extensive network in the games industry. One of Alexander’s specialties is to create successful partnerships in sales, which is expected to come in handy in several game launches.


Magnus Söderberg


Magnus Söderberg has a degree from Skövde’s game education and has a good knowledge of all the elements in order to successfully drive sales on mobile games. Magnus is also co-founder of Polar Dragons and has been the driving force behind the game MEGATROID. Previous to this he co-founded of Gold Town Games AB

Value and friends, Magnus Orregård

Magnus Orregård

Head of board

Magnus Orregård has a background in accounting and auditing as an auditor (including former office manager at PwC in Skellefteå). He started up Arctic Business Incubator in Skellefteå and worked with business development in many sectors including the gaming industry.

Tabitha Hayes


Tabitha Hayes has a nearly 20-year career in the video game industry, having worked with some of the most iconic brands in entertainment including Call of Duty, Need for Speed, and Battlefield. She is currently Chief Marketing Officer for Star Stable Entertainment.
Prior to this, Ms. Hayes worked at Electronic Arts (EA), a global leader in digital interactive entertainment, for more than 10 years across several senior leadership roles, including Vice President, Global Brand Management, and Marketing.
Ms. Hayes is an advisor to Founders and Executives, including an advisor with Antler Stockholm, as well as a Board Member, mentor, and trained coach.

Johannes Mang


Johannes is a digital executive with over 14 years of experience in the interactive entertainment industry and a passion for technology and entrepreneurship. He is currently serving as the Chief Venture Officer of the MedTech Actuator – Australia’s national MedTech Accelerator. Prior to that Johannes spent over 12 years at Electronic Arts in a variety of roles including General Manager, COO Play4Free, and Executive Producer for EA’s mobile Racing game portfolio. Johannes has a background in strategy consulting (Deloitte) and scientific research. He holds a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics, an MSc in Mechanical Engineering, and an MBA from INSEAD. A native Austrian, Johannes has lived and worked in 7 countries including the UK, Sweden, Israel, and 6 years in the Silicon Valley.


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